ICLA Volunteers' Best of Vienna

Roxanne Bakowsky

  1. Going for a walk in the Botanical Garden or in the Prater Hauptallee
  2. Having lunch at least once in one of the many university cafeterias (my personal favorite: the AAI-Mensa)
  3. Enjoying the culinary specialties at the ‚Schweizerhaus' (I recommend the potato noodles with poppy) or at the ‚Zum Wohl'
  4. Enjoying a movie in the Metro Kino, Top Kino, De France or Cine Center
  5. Enjoying the view of the city from the top of the Stephansdom, the Donauturm or – if you prefer nature – from the Kahlenberg

Christiane Fischer

  1. Breakfast at the Weltcafé
  2. Having a Café au Lait at the Espresso and watching life go by in the Burggasse
  3. The Jesuit Church in the first district: the church has a beautiful Baroque style trompe l'oeil dome, and it is also fascinating to experience the quietness of the Innere Stadt at this place and at the Heiligenkreuzerhof nearby
  4. The Museumsquartier (MQ): a great place to spend time, especially at mild summer nights
  5. If you are looking for a cozy bar: I always like to choose the Cafe Europa

Monika Gentner

  1. Visit a traditional cafe that the locals like and take time to read a newspaper: the "Tirolerhof" or the "Bräunerhof" (Thomas Bernhard's favorite cafe)
  2. Get the most beautiful souvenirs and gifts at the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory in the Augarten or, alternatively, at the confectionery "Altmann & Kühne"
  3. Have a drink or get something to eat at the "Palmenhaus" – a beautiful Jugendstil greenhouse surrounded by a phantastic garden! (You should better get a reservation beforehand!)
  4. Visit the zoo (or Tiergarten) in Schönbrunn: It is the oldest zoo in the world (founded in 1752) and one of the best in Europe, with numerous successes in breeding and more than 700 animal species – some of them in danger of extinction – located on an area of seventeen hectares, in an ambience which is partly baroque. Don't miss the big cats' compound!
  5. Experience Vienna's modern, international side: in the Asian restaurant "Ramien" and its funny "Ramien Bar" in the basement (occassionally, they also have a DJ and other events there)

Franziska Lamp

  1. "Red Vienna": visit an extraordinary museum about the social democratic city council of the 1920s and 30s in the most beautiful Viennese communal residential building – the Karl-Marx-Hof!
  2. Eating ice-cream at the Zanoni "am Lugeck" in Vienna's city centre! Strongly recommended: the "Heidelbeercoup"!!!
  3. The Third Man Tour: Explore Vienna's sewer system on the tracks of Harry Lime and get to know Vienna through the eyes of Carol Reed's classic The Third Man!
  4. Haas & Haas teahouse at the Stephansplatz: delicious teas and homemade bakery, the ideal place to have your 5 o'clock tea! 
  5. Otto Wagner's Kirche am Steinhof: Unique architecture in a beautiful, green and relaxing environment!

Sophie Seidler

  1. The newly opened Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library located in the former Austro-Hungarian Exchequer Archives, where dramatist Franz Grillparzer served as Archive Director
  2. Donaukanal, Urania, Schwedenplatz (great ice-cream!), graffiti
  3. Sigmund Freud's former apartment (now museum) in the Berggasse
  4. "Scheiterhaufen" at Café Diglas
  5. A visit at one of the many local vine taverns ("Heurige") in Grinzing and Neustift

Eva Spiegelhofer

  1. The top of the Vienna State Opera: a special hint for those of you who plan to visit the Vienna State Opera – take the time to walk upstairs to the gallery and see if you can go outside on the terrace, the view up there is simply magnificent!
  2. Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen: This is the best place for tasty, organic 'fast food' – the healthy way to enjoy burgers and other dishes. If you are shopping at the Mariahilferstraße or sightseeing around Karlsplatz, you can pop in at the Swing Kitchen nearby, either to stay and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere or to get some food for take-away and continue exploring the city.
  3. Veganista: Summertime and you might be looking for a way to cool down – here you will find the best ice cream in town, promised!
  4. The Paternoster in Vienna's city hall: When you visit the Rathaus in Vienna, keep your eyes open for the old, but still running paternoster elevators. If you have never used one, you definitely should – and don't forget to take a picture!
  5. Public Beach at the Danube: It is free and you can simply lie down on the lawn, relax in the shade of the trees or go swimming in the river.
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