Cafés and Restaurants near the University


  • Jonas Reindl: If you love good coffee this is the place to go. At the Reindl, you can enjoy a variety of coffees, prepared with dedication, and delicious homemade cakes.
  • Café Français: Vis-à-vis from the University and with a nice view of the Votivkirche, you find the Café Français, which offers a nice French ambiance.
  • Café Stein: Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, but also get something to eat. You can sit on a big terrace or on one of the three floors inside.
  • Café Landtmann: This café opened in 1873 and it is one of the many coffee houses Vienna has to offer. It is located on the right side across the street from the University, and from its terrace you can see the Burgtheater. It is also a restaurant.
  • Weltcafé: The Weltcafé does not only offer a cozy atmosphere and a shadowy terrace, but also a wide selection of Fairtrade and organic products.


  • University Campus: The University Campus, with its many courts, consists of the buildings that formerly belonged to the Altes Allgemeines Krankenhaus (old Vienna General Hospital) where the Viennese medical school started. Now, in its biggest court, there are many restaurants, for example the Universitätsbräuhaus.
  • Dreiklang: Here you get biological food prepared with much dedication. You can enjoy it at their terrace or in their lovely restaurant.
  • Charlie P's: This pub has a wide assortment of local and international beers, and it is the first Irish Pub to be honoured with a Haube from the Gault-Millau restaurant guide for its dining room. It combines sophistication with a traditional Irish Pub experience. (Attention: during the summer they only open from 5 pm)
  • I Vecchi Amici: Maybe you won't find this pizzeria in your guidebook, but the locals say that it serves the best pizza in Vienna.
  • Das Kolin: The Kolin has a very nice atmosphere and offers food prepared with dedication.

Coffeehouses, Bars and Restaurants in Vienna

Like every big city, Vienna has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomical experiences. The places listed here are therefore only a glimpse of what there is, and hopefully encourage you to explore Vienna's culinary specialties a little on your own.


Vienna is famous for its Coffee Houses, and the Viennese Coffee House Culture has been listed as a part of UNESCO's 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' since 2011. On a walk through the first district, you can enjoy it for example at:

  • Hotel Sacher, where you can get a piece of the famous Sachertorte
  • Demel, a pastry shop that bears the title of Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court. Here you can enjoy a piece of cake or simply buy some chocolates at their shop.
  • Café Central: This café is located in Palais Ferstl. The building itself is already a sight to see and not too far from the University. It has been a meeting place for important artists, writers and intellectuals since it opened in 1876.
  • Café Schwarzenberg: The Café Schwarzenberg was the first Coffee House on the then newly built Ringstraße in 1861.
  • Café Sperl: From its beginnings, the Café Sperl was a meeting place for artists and writers. For example, the artists of the Vienna Secession met there to talk about their projects.

You can find more information about these, and the many other Coffee Houses in Vienna here.


  • Wunderbar: The Wunderbar is a typical Viennese bar. It lies in the narrow streets of the first district and is not easily found at first, but it is definitely worth a visit.
  • Kaffee Alt Wien: Here you have again a place where you can get coffee and good Viennese food, but where you also can enjoy some nice beers.
  • Loos Bar: The Loos Bar was the first American Bar in Vienna. In a classy atmosphere you can enjoy classic drinks served by expert bartenders.
  • Café Kafka: By day the Mariahilferstraße is the main shopping street in Vienna. By night, the little streets to and from it live up. One of the many bars you can find here is the Café Kafka!
  • Schwedenplatz/Bermudadreieck: A lively nightlife is to be found around the Schwedenplatz. In the summer, the many bars also have terraces.



In Vienna, the Schnitzel is almost considered to be one of the sights. Here are some places where you can get the biggest Schnitzel, the best Gulasch and many other typical dishes.

  • Figlmüller: This restaurant is famous for its enormous Schnitzel.
  • Gulaschmuseum: Here you have a choice between many different types of Gulasch. You can have for example the traditional Fiakergulasch or one of the more extravagant creations they make.
  • Griechenbeisl: Here, at the oldest Beisl in Vienna, they serve a variety of Viennese specialties in a traditional setting.
  • Plachutta: Like the Figlmüller, the Plachutta is known for its Schnitzel, but even more for the Tafelspitz said to have been the Kaiser's favourite.
  • Naschmarkt: Near the Secession lies the Naschmarkt. Unlike other markets, at the Naschmarkt you can taste the many spices, cheeses, olives and other products before buying them. They also have many different restaurants, and on Saturday mornings a big flee market takes place.


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